Bullying has no place in society and it certainly has no place at Prenton Primary School.

The Government define bullying as 'emotionally or physically harmful behaviour and includes: name-calling; taunting; mocking; making offensive comments; kicking; hitting; pushing; taking belongings; inappropriate text messaging and emailing; sending offensive or degrading images by phone or via the internet; gossiping; excluding people from groups and spreading hurtful and untruthful rumours.' 

At Prenton, we are committed to preventing, tackling and ending bullying in all of its forms.


Click here to visit the Prenton Primary School Youtube page where you can watch our anti-bullying video.



Society still has a long way to go until it eradicates homophobia and the casual use of homophobic insults. at Prenton Primary School, we take a firm stance against all forms of bullying - homophobia included. For our children, parents and staff it is very simple: 'gay rights' are not gay rights at all, they are simply human rights.



Our Anti-Bullying Policy and Anti-Bullying Steps explain how we deal with bullying at Prenton Primary but our main message is clear: Tell someone!

The Anti-Bullying Policy was created in consultation with a selection of children from across the year groups. Each group of children came up with a definition of what bullying is and we then started to put steps together for to help to deal with the problem. After being edited and redrafted, the policy was then submitted to our Governors in order to be approved.



Parents/carers can contact school and speak to the class teacher, Mrs Lloyd, Miss Brayley or Mr Kinsella if they have a concern over bullying

Parents can also contact our School Governor, Mr Len Smith (see Governors' page) if they feel that they would like further support or information.