KS2 e Safety Letter March 2014

Please find below the Esafety link from the presentation given on the 1st November 2013.


Rules for Using the Computer Safely

These rules help us to be fair to others and to keep everyone who uses the computers safe.

1.   I will always ask permission before using the computer and the internet.

2.   I will only use the websites I have been told to use.

3.   When I use the computer I will only use my own login and password, which is secret.

4.   I will never share my password details with anyone else. It is just for me.

5.   I will only look at and change my own files.

6.   I will always write polite, sensible and correct words on the computer.

7.   If I see anything that I am unhappy with or I am unsure about, I will tell a teacher immediately.

8.   I must not bring any software or disks into school.

9.   I will never put any personal details into the computer, such as my address or phone number.

10. I understand that my teachers are able to check that I am using the computer properly.

11. I will not use the school ICT systems for anything other than school work.

       (This includes internet shopping, video broadcasting e.g. YouTube)

12. I will not download any files without permission from my teacher.

13. I understand that if I deliberately break these rules, I may not be allowed to use the Internet or the computers.

The school exercises the right to monitor the use of the school’s computer systems, including access to websites to ensure the safety of all children.