Health and Fitness Project

In order to encourage our pupils to become more physically active, we have developed new initiatives that will be rolled out during the academic year. The aim is get children active; improve their self-confidence; enhance key parts of their character such as resilience and ultimately produce more healthy and happy pupils.  The program consists of:

·         Prenton to Paris Mile Challenge: Each PE lesson starts with a mile run. If a child can beat the ‘target time’ or impress their teacher with their effort, they earn 1 mile for their class. All the miles are added together during the school year. The challenge is to run the equivalent distance of Prenton to Paris which is 513 miles.

·         Fitness Fridays: Pupils complete eight fitness challenges during last playtime on Friday.

New after school sports clubs: We offer children the opportunity to participate in new and exciting sports clubs. There is a sports club running every night after school! On Mondays we have badminton; on Tuesdays we have Handball; Tennis is on Wednesdays; on Thursday we have Zumba and on Fridays we have Dodgeball.

·         New lunchtime sports clubs: We have introduced a number of new sports clubs which run at lunchtimes: Tag Rugby, American Football, Running, Dance, Australian Football, Skipping and Football.

·         Whole school healthy choices initiative: Wirral Council Environmental Health and Public Health teams have joined forces to tackle obesity. We took part in a project called ‘Takeaway for a change’. This consisted of educational workshops and parent/carer workshops to promote the value of making heathy choices. Each family within school received a £15 voucher to use in a local eatery that offered healthy alternatives.