At Prenton Primary School the interventions we may offer include:

Orrets Meadow Outreach Support - this intervention supports the learning of children with literacy difficulties/specific learning difficulties on an individual basis at Prenton Primary School.  Assessments are completed and are used to create baseline information on which to set individual targets and form the basis of teaching programmes.

The teaching methods are multisensory, structured and cumulative with opportunities for regular revision and over-learning.  Outreach Teachers aim to provide homework activities for their pupils and develop good links with parents/carers and school colleagues.

SENAAT (Special Educational Needs Assessment & Advisory Team) - their focus is to complete assessments and provide information for children across Key Stages 1 and 2, related to a wide range of special needs.  Written reports are provided with advice regarding appropriate support and provision.  This work also includes Access Arrangements for examinations.

Talking Partners to support children’s language development.  This involves three children working with an adult Partner for twenty minutes, three times a week.  The children look at both fiction and non-fiction texts, linked to current curriculum planning.  The programme lasts for ten weeks, after which time most children will have made significant progress in their speaking and listening skills.  All adult partners have received two days of intensive training in order to be able to deliver this programme.

Successful Reading Partnership - this programme is intended for children who would benefit from additional reading support in order to enhance their reading skills and enjoyment.  It accelerates children’s progress in reading by pairing a child with a trained reading partner for ten weeks.  The reading partner will read three times a week for thirty minutes each session.

Socially Speaking - a pragmatic Social Skills Programme for pupils.  Socially Speaking focuses on the development of social and relationship skills, play times, self organisation, regulation and stress management, with an aim to help children better understand the social world around them.

Time to Talk - a programme to develop Oral and Social Interaction Skills for Foundation and Key Stage One.  Time to Talk will allow children to develop their understanding of the ‘rules’ of interaction with the help of Ginger Bear, who features in all the activities.  The skills taught include eye contact, sharing, greetings, awareness of feelings, giving and following instructions, listening, attention and play skills.

Mission Maths - a Mathematics intervention for Year 2 children.  Based on a space theme, children fly to different planets to investigate different aspects of number.  A strong focus on counting, number recognition and place value to sure up these fundamental aspects of maths.  The children are in a group of 4 and have 3 sessions a week extra to their maths lessons.  They are assessed on entry and exit to and from the programme to check for progress.

Catch up - a Mathematics intervention used with KS2 children.  Based on 10 aspects of number, the children are tested for a baseline and then each aspect has specific 1:1 teaching adapted for each child.  There are 3 sessions a week for each child in addition to the mathematics lesson.  Each pupil is in charge of their own assessment sheet.  Regular updates with the teacher give them ownership of their learning and progress.

Speech & Language Therapy

Ms R Adefope is our Speech and Language therapist.  This service assesses and treats children who have speech, language and communication difficulties.  These needs may be speech pronunciation, understanding and using language, stammering, social communication, voice, eating and drinking.  School accesses 3 days a month support for pupils.  Ms Adefope works closely with staff and parents.

Bug Club – KS1

Children in KS1 can access Bug Club in school and at home.  Bug Club hooks children into reading with a truly engaging and interactive world.  It is a school online programme.  Bug Club works on PC, laptop and iPad.  Pupils are given a login code by their teacher.