Prenton Primary Extended School Club is an extremely popular club that was founded during the spring term, 2006, the main objective to provide care for children between the ages of four and eleven years.  Admission to the club follows strict guidelines.  The criteria is based on sibling connections, medical needs, lone parents wishing to return to work.  (It is based on this in order of priority


The club offers two sessions:  morning between 07.30 closing at 08.50 and afternoon sessions between 15.20 and 17.45 (17.30 on Fridays).  For more information, please contact Elaine on 0782 483 7894.  Please note that collecting your child late from the club will result in an additional payment being levied. 


The Out of School Club is run by a senior play worker with assistant play workers, all of whom hold child care qualifications as well as first aid and hygiene certificates.


The senior play worker has a register of all children and parents are required to sign children in to the club.

The children are escorted to their respective classes after the sessions are finished.


Children are collected from their classrooms at the end of the school day and taken directly to the setting.

Parents must sign all children out at the end of the day.   Named people may collect children and for safeguarding reasons this is strictly adhered to.


The club provides a wide variety of activities such as themed nights exploring different cultures; puzzles and crafts which have both a fun as well as an educational element. Other activities include knitting, pool table, doll’s house and castle, train track and electronic games. The club also has a wide range of outdoor activities in our enclosed play area including skates, skate boards, skipping and cricket.   We also, weather permitting, have picnics on the grass.

All of our children are encouraged to join in with our adult led games; we pride ourselves on a friendly and caring approach.


We provide a healthy eating environment and offer snacks such as cereal, yoghurts, toast, crumpets, pasta, cheese & crackers, ham batches etc, we also as an activity offer themed foods such as Chinese at Chinese New Year. (It is important that parents use their admission form for the club to inform the club staff of any allergies their child may have.)


We provide a safe and welcoming environment in which our children can strive and grow with confidence.   The senior playworker liaises closely with school to ensure a smooth transition.


There are 30 places each morning and 50 places each evening available at the club.  To apply for a place you must put your request in writing to Elaine c/o the School Office.  In the letter you must state your reasons for requiring a place.  Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate your request, the club is extremely popular and demand is high.  Parents who are unsuccessful will be placed on a waiting list according to the admissions criteria.  We apologise in advance if your request is unsuccessful.   New applications for September 2020 - parents will be informed in July 2020 as to whether they have a place for their child.

The expectation of the club is that all children will follow the school code of conduct. Failure to comply could result in your child's place being cancelled. 

Payment must be made promptly and on time. Parents who do not follow the procedures will receive a written reminder, consistent late payment or failure to pay the required amount will result in a child's place being cancelled.